Your Health and Wellness on Alberta Avenue: You Are What You Eat

Heading into the new year, many of us are looking to make daily positive changes, and to generally live healthier. A healthy lifestyle begins with the food we eat, and Alberta Avenue has no shortage of options when it comes to grocery shopping. From fresh organic produce, to homemade bread and specialty stores, Alberta Avenue has everything you need to start 2018 off right!

Safeway Coliseum - 8118 118 Avenue


Get more fruits and veggies into your diet. Safeway Coliseum has an abundance of produce available, including locally grown and organic options. Safeway prides themselves in selecting produce from the best crops and has an inspection process to ensure you enjoy a bountiful selection of local best of the season and exotic imports. 

Popular Bakery - 9307 118 Avenue

Popular Bakery.jpg

The smell, the warmth... who can resist freshly baked bread? Popular Bakery is a family owned bakery that has been on the Avenue for decades. You can bet that love and wholegrain goodness is baked into every handmade loaf. 

Kasoa Tropical Foods - 9320 - 118 Avenue

Kasoa Crop 2.jpg

Spice up your recipes with specialty food items from Kasoa Tropical Foods, including exotic spices you won't find anywhere else! Plenty of healthy grains, lentils, legumes and rice are also available. 

Kasoa Crop.jpg
Polar Bear Health and Wellness.png

Hydration, hydration, hydration - drinking plenty of water is one of the keys to healthy living! Polar Bear Health and Water has been on the Avenue since 1947. They specialize in filtered water systems and have an incredible selection and knowledge about health products, supplements and vitamins.

Other friendly neighbourhood grocers to check out:

Africana Tropical Foods - 9218 118 Avenue

Paraiso Tropical Latin Food Market - 9136 118 Avenue

Polish Food & Gift Centre - 10133 Princess Elizabeth Avenue

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