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Featured Business: Myhre's Music

Myhre’s music is a family owned business that has been serving Edmonton and area musicians since 1967. With almost 50 years’ experience selling and servicing (and playing) acoustic instruments, they’re happy to offer you friendly advice, great prices and uncompromising service. Myhre’s Music sells and services a wide range of instruments, including all members of the violin family, acoustic guitars, ukuleles, banjos, mandolins, resophonics and more.

It’s true though, we’ve certainly developed a keen interest in the violin and acoustic guitars. Not surprising when you see the credentials of owner, Byron Myhre. As fiddle /acoustic guitar player for Jerusalem Ridge, one of Canada’s top bluegrass bands, Byron has established a well-respected reputation both on stage and in the recording studio, not to mention countless awards from regional and national competitions. Founder of Myhre’s Music, Alfie Myhre still takes part in everyday operations of the store and is the bowed instrument luthier. He has received the Alberta Achievement award in the Excellence Category from the Government of Alberta and is the 1984 and 1986 Grand North American Fiddle champion, among other achievements. Visit our store and you just might catch a spontaneous jam by the father-and-son duo.

Speaking of family, the violin that is, we offer the full range, from violins to double basses. Both symphony orchestra members and toe-tapping fiddlers have come to rely on our knowledge and experience with the bowed instruments. The occasional conversation between a classically trained string player and a fiddler can be quite enlightening !

If you have an unhealthy tendency towards acoustic guitars, well Byron can relate. With his inate sense for good sound and workmanship, Byron has carefully selected only the best of guitar makes, including Collins, Lowden, Martin, Gibson, National, Seagull and Simon and Patrick. You’ll also see the odd vintage guitar that will cause a buzz among guitar aficionados.

So whether you’re an enthusiastic student, a music teacher, a seasoned player yourself, or a parent opening your child’s eyes (and ears) to the magic of music, we’ll help you find the right instrument; one crafted with elegance and that particular personality that can only be felt and heard.

No music store is complete without a reliable repair shop. Staffed by Alfie Myhre and George Bach, Thomas Slaymaker and Bob Potoniec. Typical repairs range anywhere from a quick string change to the complete rebuilding or restoration of all stringed instruments, So rest assured that no matter what your need, our experienced staff will have you performing again quickly.

If acoustic instruments are on your mind, we invite you to visit or call. We trust you’ll find our store warm & friendly, and we’ll do our best to help you reach your musical goals and dreams.