Shimmy and Shake on Alberta Avenue

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Located across from The Carrot Community Arts Coffeehouse, on 94 street and 118 Ave, Bedouin Beats is a community driven dance studio that is perfect for anyone looking to shake up their winter routine. Along with their classes, Bedouin Beats sells unique gifts, clothing, jewelry, and of course, a lot of sparkle!

We sat down with owner Michelle to find out more about what they offer and their upcoming schedule.

How long have you owned Bedouin Beats? 

I've personally been an owner since August of 2015 (and sole-owner as of this year) but this amazing dance studio has been around since 2008, so we just celebrated 10 years of dance last year.

What kind of classes does Bedouin Beats offer?

Bedouin Beats is well know for its wide variety of bellydance classes. We offer several traditional style (Raqs Sharqi) classes from beginner to advanced but also have many styles that have branched off from classical bellydance.

American Tribal Style is a mix of traditional as well as Flamenco and Roma and works on cues from each dancer to create an improvisational performance.

Also similar is Improvisational Tribal Style which uses cues but mixes in many different styles of dance to create a more modern feel, especially with its music choice.

Then we have Fusion which is a melting pot of classical, modern, contemporary, hip hop, jazz, and more. These classes typically culminate in a choreography at the end of our ten-week sessions. The music for this style is usually more modern as well.

At the end of each session, we produce a fun recital for all the classes learning a choreography (or improv piece) to perform.

We also currently offer Zumba for those looking for a dance fitness class.


What do you love about Bellydancing?

Bellydance, generally speaking, is a celebration of the feminine divine. It embraces our love of ourselves as well as our sisters in dance. This art form brings together women (and even men) of all body types, ages, and walks of life. The wonderful thing about bellydance is that you don't need to have grown up a "dancer". You can take this style at any age and learn at your own pace. And you don't need to have a "dancer's body". Your body IS a dancer's body the minute you start a class.

Bedouin Beats has embraced this philosophy for over a decade and continues to pass on the welcoming feel to everyone who walks through our doors. Community, body positivity, and inclusivity are our three main priorities.

What do you love about Alberta Avenue?

Alberta Avenue has been the home to our studio for almost a decade and we wouldn't choose to be anywhere else. The small businesses make 118 Ave a cultural mecca of food and art like no other neighbourhood in the city. The positive growth we've seen over the years is a testament to the dedication of the work put forth by Arts on the Ave and the Alberta Avenue Business Association and we couldn't be more proud to be a part of such a diverse community.

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