Qi Creative - Create YouR Awesome


Qi Creative (9410 118 Ave) is a unique business on Alberta Avenue. Maybe you've driven past and noticed their beautiful new facade? Maybe you've seen their roof top mural "Create YouR Awsome" by local artist Rust Magic? Or, maybe you've seen Qi Creative CEO and Founder Jonathan Rivero - or Jon Jon as he's known - around the Avenue at events, festivals and local coffee shops. We sat down with Jon Jon to find our more about Qi Creative.  

Q: Tell us about Qi Creative!

JR: We provide success coaching for special needs. 

Vision: Create YouR Awesome

Mission: Create meaningful learning with children, families and schools living with special needs and trauma and celebrate their strengths and talents that make them awesome.

We work together with children, adolescents and families in home and school environments to celebrate their talents and strengths in overcoming challenges. We are Occupational Therapists, Speech Language Pathologists, Physical Therapists, Behavior and Trauma Specialists and Human Ecologists dedicated to helping others create meaningful learning and embrace their awesome selves. We are creating awesome 24/7, though our office hours are currently by appointment.  We also run programs in partnership with other businesses, schools, and organizations through Qi Adventure Club, which is inclusive adventures for people of all abilities. There are two types of adventures: Odyssey Adventures and Quest Adventures that include learning Downhill Skiing, Skating, Skateboading, how to bike ride, dance, Capoeira and Taekwondo programs that are often run at the Alberta Avenue Community League. Each year we have various campaigns and initiatives that allow for community involvement and connecting children, families, and schools with learning resources to create their own awesome. Qi iq is another way for people on the internet to use DIY learning at home, classroom, and community.

Q: You have a beautiful new space, tell us about the renovations you did.

JR: We’ve got a fantastic newly renovated office on 118th Avenue and had its official Grand Opening on May 12, 2017. Same great neighbors, such as Allied Insurance and kitty-corner to the Carrot Arts Coffee House, and now we’ve upgraded from a 1-story retail building to a 2-story creative office Headquarters (Qi HQ). Our new building’s 2nd floor now holds 4 meeting rooms, a full kitchen, and a lounge area with colourful modular seating; our main floor has a spacious multipurpose meeting area, a ‘media’ room with greenscreen carpets and walls for creating audiovisual content, and vast storage space for tables, chairs and therapeutic tools and instruments to be used by Qi Coaches for our clients. We also love to enjoy coffee, tea, and stimulating collaborations on our 2nd floor outdoor Qi Creative Patio during all months of the year.


Q: What does a typical day at Qi Creative look like?

A typical day at Qi Creative could look like anything from a Qi Creative coach pediatric therapist travelling to a rural community to serve schools living with special needs in rural practice; to a lead trainer doing professional development training locally or internationally at educational or rehabilitation medicine conferences; to a multi-disciplinary team of clinicians supporting a family living with special needs to support them in their behaviour, physical motor, communication and socialization, self-help and adaptive functioning, or their cognitive abilities.

On any given day, after school adventures look like our team supporting people of all abilities to learn how to climb, skateboard, downhill ski, ride a bike, or develop self-regulation through the Young Master Club adapted Taekwondo. There really is not a typical day as, similarly to what we believe about each person in this world, each team member has their own unique strengths and talents that make them awesome and Qi HQ exists to help nurture those creative talents and ideas in order to change the world, one school, one classroom, one family, and one child at a time.

Q: What three words come to mind when I say, "Alberta Avenue”? 

JR: Create YouR Awesome!

To learn more about Qi Creative, check out their website and follow them on Instagram @qicreativeinc