Business Profile of Norwood Dental Associates

Business Profile of Norwood Dental Associates

By: Read Fenton

I got to sit down and Interview Dr. Jalal Abouhassan, a General Dentist, from  Norwood Dental Associates last weekend.  He is a University of Alberta graduate who went on to receive his Dental Medicine Degree from Midwestern University in Chicago.  Dr. Abouhassan started working part-time at  Norwood Dental Associates in November and when he saw the hard work from the team and great commitment to the  patients from everyone in the clinic, agreed to come on full time.    Dr.  Abouhassan sees joining the practice  as a great opportunity especially with the Avenue remodeling and seeing how the community is really coming together and making all the small changes that are improving the neighbourhood.

What are the values of the Norwood Dental Association?
We are a very family oriented  practice started by Dr. Randall Croutze and this is mostly a family business. And it shows how well they work with the community. The practice is very family oriented and pointed towards the needs of the community. They have been around now for more than  60 years which is truly special. Dr.  Abouhassan saw this as a great opportunity to be a part of.

Can you tell me a bit about the history of the company?
There used to be 5 dentists here at  one time and they were the largest and oldest cost sharing group practice in Western Canada. Sustaining for 60 years as a small business is a real testament to great business practices and family values. Dr. Croutze began his own career here as an Associate in 1985 and purchased the practice the following year.

Who are your customers?
We see patients of all ages. We   have a great number of  patients who came here as children who have come all their lives and are now bringing their significant others and children to the clinic. We have great relationships that have lasted. Many folk who come to the clinic live outside of Edmonton, or work downtown, and even some folk who live 4-5 hours away and make the long commute because they trust this office. It’s a challenge to live up to this high expectation but a welcome challenge.

All the staff work hard together to provide care for the patients. It is really people oriented dentistry and people come first. Dr Croutze really wanted to find someone to provide quality care to his patients  and he feels he found that with Dr. Abouhassan.

I want to thank Dr. Abouhassan for taking the time to talk to me and to wish  Norwood Dental Associates another great 60 years of service to the community.