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What can YOU do to help Alberta Avenue? Businesses Together is a new initiative between Alberta Avenue Business Association, Edmonton Police Service and We Believe in 118. It aims to empower Alberta Avenue business owners and make the community more attractive and safer for everyone.

The mission:

  • Revitalize interest in working together;

  • To connect businesses using new principles and technology with crime prevention in mind;

  • To reduce crime and disorder within the Alberta Avenue area;

  • Increase perception of public safety;

Participation in the program is voluntary, however, all participating businesses will adhere to the same set of rules:

1. Zero tolerance on soliciting

2. No public washrooms, paying customers only

3. If someone is banned there is zero tolerance for re-entry

4. No sales of illegal drug paraphernalia

5. No sales of weapons or knives other than for food preparation

6. Window decal placed on all public entrances (this will be provided and will look like the logo above!)

The success of Businesses Together relies on each businesses’ cooperation and attention to these rules.

This initiative is set to begin June 1. Additional supports such as a business owner forum to discuss concerns and solutions, and community televisions will also be set up in the coming weeks.

We can do this, together!

Graffiti Clean Up


Strategic Planning

In the Summer of 2017, the Board of Directors approved a new three year Business Strategy, a copy of its outline is shown below, consisting of four components:

  • Marketing & Promotion

  • Business Attraction & Retention

  • Organizational Effectiveness

  • Local Market Expansion

Business Improvement Areas (BIA) health Indicators

The City of Edmonton and Business Improvement Areas (BIAs) are partners in supporting vibrant commercial areas and a strong local economy.  The goal of the BIA Economic Indicator Project is to develop and measure economic indicators for each of the City's 13 Business Improvement Areas.  These indicators will help the City and BIAs understand the local economies of BIAs and how these change over time.  They will also support the activities of individual BIAs by informing their strategies, activities and reporting, and by providing them with information to help tell their unique stories.  They will also help guide the City's work with each BIA. The City is working with the Alberta Avenue Business Association and other BIAs on this project. 

Alberta Avenue Hospitality Businesses Promotion

For Business Owners operating "Food & Drink" Establishments

Eats on 118 a ‘sweet and savory’ success on Edmonton's Alberta Avenue

In September 2016, the Alberta Avenue Business Association, in partnership with the City of Edmonton successfully launched their first food focused campaign for the hospitality businesses on 118th Avenue. There was an overwhelming response from the community with four sold out tours. 14 local businesses participated in the guided food tours with 34 patrons per tour and135 tickets sold.

Attendees of the tours were pleasantly surprised with the high value in the tours with an affordable ticket cost and the unique opportunity to explore and celebrate many different cultures in one evening.

There was an overwhelming amount of positive media surrounding the first Eats on 118 tours. Local media personalities like Lorraine Mansbridge, Liane Faulder, Graham Hicks and bloggers were hosted in the kitchens of talented restaurateurs for a first-hand look at the life and culinary delights of 118th.

Eats on 118 was successful in telling the story of the business owner on the Avenue and allowing attendees to tour and taste the many diverse flavors of Alberta Avenue.

2017 saw three additional very successful restaurant tours.

Alberta Avenue District Council

Our business association hold a key stakeholder position on this council. This new council replaces the former Avenue Initiative Steering Committee.

Purpose of the Council

  • An opportunity for area leadership to share, collaborate and support one another

  • Work together on local issues and problems

  • a united voice to all levels of government

Current Issues:

  • Community Safety

  • Development

  • Community and economic vibrancy


  • Alberta Avenue Business Association

  • Alberta Avenue Community League

  • Arts On the Avenue

  • Delton Community League

  • Eastwood Community League

  • Parkdale Cromdale Community League

  • Rat Creek Press

  • Spruce Avenue Community League


  • 9 Meetings per year

  • 4th Monday of the month January - June (no meeting in Dec).

City of Edmonton Store Front Façade Improvement Program

Grant Matching Program

We will continue to actively promote this great matching grant program to all commercial property owners on Alberta Avenue to bring out fresh new store front facades. Covers up to 50% of renovation costs to a maximum of $30,000 per building. Corner buildings are eligible for up to $60,000

Since the program started in 2005, our business association has completed thirty projects to date. Over 1 million dollars in reimbursements have been paid out so far to participating property owners.

For more information please contact your business association office at 780.471.2602.

Read the brochure.

Vacant & Derelict Properties 

In early 2017 our business association established a Board Sub-Committee to address and stay on top of vacant and derelict properties within our business improvement area (BIA). Several meetings have been held so far including attendance by Senior Compliance Officers from the City of Edmonton.

The issue of this topic has been dealt with in one way or another by numerous stakeholders over several years, including the City, the province, our business association, the community leagues, Arts on the Ave and Alberta avenue residents.

Recent changes in the Alberta Municipality Government Act (MGA) include addressing this issue. 

As well, we are awaiting further information from the City once it is made available, what their further direction will be on this issue.

Beautification & Cleanliness

For 2017, we once again placed forty colourful flower planters within our BIA to beautify the avenue. We also supported Capital City Clean Up's Business Supporting Community Program for the 6th year in a row. The non-profit soccer club picked up litter from May to September 2017 and collected 80 bags full of litter. We will support this program again in 2018. 


Joachim Holtz, our Executive Director will continue to represent our business association at various committee meetings throughout 2017 including all relevant meetings requested by the City of Edmonton’s Sustainable and Economic Development Department and regular meetings of the Edmonton BIA Council, representing 13 business improvement areas in the City.

Mr. Holtz also represents your business association on the Alberta Avenue District Council as Vice-Chair. The council covers the boundaries from NAIT to Northlands along 118th avenue to Yellowhead Trail. The general purpose is to build and foster communication connections, networking, and collaboration; working together on local issues and opportunities; to be a strong voice to all levels of government. Goals and objectives include to facilitate community cohesion and community health and to share monthly activities and community issues/concerns. Current issues are community safety; community and commercial development; and community and economic vibrancy.

Business Learning Sessions

As part of the new business strategy outline approved by our Board of Directors we will be making these sessions available to our business members in 2018 on a quarterly basis. This will be on chosen topics both informative and beneficial to business members.

In June, 2017 we held our annual business mixer for our business members at the Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts. Overall it went well with our guest speakers being John Rose, Chief Economist for the City of Edmonton and Ken Gonzales, Business Leader for the ATB Entrepreneurial Centre.


For the 5th year in the row, in 2017 we will be participating again in this program through Capital City Clean Up with 2 teams over a 16 week period picking up litter on Alberta Avenue. We will also be encouraging all f our businesses to keep the sidewalks in front of their businesses.

Safety and Security

During 2017 Alberta Avenue BIA has continued its' good working relationship with EPS, City Bylaw, and Graffiti officers in the areas of safety and security. This was further reinforced with the Meet & Greet EPS Event your business association held for its business members on October 25th at Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts.