The FINAL INSTALLMENT of 2017's Eats on 118!


The Alberta Avenue Business Association and The City of Edmonton are excited to announce the FINAL INSTALLMENT of 2017's  Eats on 118! Join us for a culinary tour de force that highlights the culturally diverse food and dining district that exists on 118 Avenue.

After 4 sold out tours, we are thrilled to be hitting up a brand new restaurant as well as returning to a couple of old favourites. 

The last event will be on August 30, 2017 from 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM and will feature an epic evening of food and drink at participating culinary stops Mama Asha, Paraiso Tropical and an exquisite dessert on the patio at Passion de France

Purchase tickets here:

Tickets are already 75% sold!

Eats on 118 is back this summer with “Brews, Bites and Bowling!”

The Alberta Avenue Business Association and The City of Edmonton are thrilled to be bringing the summer installment of Eats on 118 to Edmonton. Patrons will experience something entirely new as they venture down to the west end of Alberta Avenue on a guided food tour

“Eats on 118 is returning because it was a great success and the most successful initiative our Business Association has had over the last several years,” says Joachim Holtz, Executive Director of the Alberta Avenue Business Association. “We received great feedback from people who were a part of the tours last year, but we have also heard from many of our restaurants that patrons had returned to their businesses for a meal after the tour.”

The second tour of 2017 launches Wednesday, June 28th, 2017 from 6-9P. Featuring three brand new establishments to the Eats on 118 series, patrons will fill up at Lan’s Asian Grill, The Blind Duck Pub and finish with some craft beer and bowling at Plaza Bowl.

“Lans is a critically acclaimed restaurant, the Blind Duck Pub has a Red Seal chef in their kitchen and Plaza Bowl is a 3 generation establishment on the Avenue. These are just a few amazing things that we discovered while working with Alberta Avenue and are excited to share with patrons”, says Kirsta Franke, one of the Coordinators of the event. “We sold out two tours for our spring tour, food tours seem to be very popular right now!”

Eats on 118 is a unique and cost effective way to tour the many diverse restaurants on 118 Avenue. Alberta Avenue hopes you will join them to taste and tour the flavors of 118! Tickets for each event in 2017 will be $40.00. More details and tickets are available at

North Edmonton Town Hall for Cultural Businesses and Entrepreneurs

North Edmonton Town Hall for Cultural Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Date: Friday, May 26th
Venue: South Clareview Community League (3250 132a Avenue)
Time: 5:30pm to 7:30pm
Perks: Free event, food and refreshments provided

What is the North Edmonton Town Hall for Cultural Businesses and Entrepreneurs?

At the North Edmonton Town Hall for Cultural Businesses and Entrepreneurs, Hon. Deron Bilous and representatives from Business Link, Futurpreneur, and other organizations will share provincial resources with African, Caribbean, and Indigenous entrepreneurs who either own or want to start a small business in Alberta.

Go to Business Link:

Go to Futurprneur:

Building on the success of MLA David Shepherd event in October, this town hall is a hands-on opportunity for participants to learn about the following:

  • How to start a small business in Alberta
  • How to access capital for small businesses
  • Available provincial supports and resources, including the Alberta Investor Tax Credit and Alberta Capital Investment Tax Credit

At the end of the event, participants will have a chance to gather in the main hall and engage Minister Bilous in a Q & A session.

Food and refreshments will be provided. This is also an excellent networking opportunity, giving business leaders in north Edmonton a chance to meet and share their experiences.

More information?

Please contact Clarice at the Edmonton-Beverly-Clareview Constituency Office at 780-476-6467 or

We hope to see you there!

Eat's on 118 2017


The Alberta Avenue Business Association and The City of Edmonton are excited to announce the return of Eats on 118! Join us for a culinary tour de force that highlights the culturally diverse food and dining district that exists on 118 Avenue.

Our first Tour in April sold out so quickly that we had to launch a second seating! Don't miss out on this round of dynamic food tours. 

The next event will be on June 28, 2017 from 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM and will feature an epic evening of food, drink and BOWLING with Lan's Asian Grill, The Blind Duck, Plaza Bowl & more! 

Tickets are limted. 

Purchase tickets here:

For questions regarding Eats on 118 please email event coordinators at


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Business profile of Lan’s New Asian Grill

Business Profile of Lan’s New Asian Grill

By Read Fenton - Communications Director

My Name is Read Fenton the new Communications Director at the Alberta Avenue Business Association and I had the pleasure of sitting down with Tom the owner of Lan’s Asian Grill for a chat about the history and values of his family run business. I came back later with my fiancée and I sat down and had a delicious meal and can attest to the delicious food myself. Those gyoza (asian dumplings) are the best I’ve had in Edmonton.

What is the history of the business?
It was founded in 2008 by Tom and his sister Monica who were inspired by their mother Lan and built on the inspiration from his grandmother and great grandmother’s cooking. Lan  had always really wanted to open a restaurant but because of children and very little  english skills they did not. The family was always blessed with great food. She would  work  8-12 hours  then come home and cook for 4 hours because she loved it and had a passion for cooking. Everyone in the Family is involved, Monica  is the head chef and his mother is the master chef and they create the menu. Tom’s father Sunny, brother Vinse and himself are big parts of the business.

What are the values of the business?
Tom said
“It’s always about standards and quality of the ingredients we use. Those are the biggest value especially when it comes to food the best way to ruin your recipes is to use bad quality. So when you use great quality it speaks for itself. All you need to do is cook it well.”-Tom owner of Lan’s Asian Grill

What do you look for in new hires?
For service it’s all about personality, skill can be gained but good character and personality are hard to come by. When Tom does interviews they are sometimes unconventional to see how they interact and carry themselves and find out if they have a drive to better themselves. Emotional intelligence is very important to hiring his service staff. How do we make sure they can read people and give them great service.

What is Lan’s known for?
Lan’s would like to be known for quality first when you step in you might not like a certain dish because you are not culturally familiar with  the cuisine but, you can taste that it is great ingredients and you will want to keep trying new things. When you can tell there is quality there you will always come back. Tom said that he also hopes that his service is something that people notice and appreciate as well.

How do you describe the business?
Southeast Asian, Fresh, healthy, no additives or preservatives, made from scratch. We really believe that made from scratch is the best way and it allows us to make food allergen free. Lan’s has gluten free, vegan, vegetarian options even with the drinks they try to consider celiacs and have rice vodkas that are gluten free as well.

I quite enjoyed my meal at Lan’s Asian Grill and I recommend you stop in.


Business Profile of Norwood Dental Associates

Business Profile of Norwood Dental Associates

By: Read Fenton

I got to sit down and Interview Dr. Jalal Abouhassan, a General Dentist, from  Norwood Dental Associates last weekend.  He is a University of Alberta graduate who went on to receive his Dental Medicine Degree from Midwestern University in Chicago.  Dr. Abouhassan started working part-time at  Norwood Dental Associates in November and when he saw the hard work from the team and great commitment to the  patients from everyone in the clinic, agreed to come on full time.    Dr.  Abouhassan sees joining the practice  as a great opportunity especially with the Avenue remodeling and seeing how the community is really coming together and making all the small changes that are improving the neighbourhood.

What are the values of the Norwood Dental Association?
We are a very family oriented  practice started by Dr. Randall Croutze and this is mostly a family business. And it shows how well they work with the community. The practice is very family oriented and pointed towards the needs of the community. They have been around now for more than  60 years which is truly special. Dr.  Abouhassan saw this as a great opportunity to be a part of.

Can you tell me a bit about the history of the company?
There used to be 5 dentists here at  one time and they were the largest and oldest cost sharing group practice in Western Canada. Sustaining for 60 years as a small business is a real testament to great business practices and family values. Dr. Croutze began his own career here as an Associate in 1985 and purchased the practice the following year.

Who are your customers?
We see patients of all ages. We   have a great number of  patients who came here as children who have come all their lives and are now bringing their significant others and children to the clinic. We have great relationships that have lasted. Many folk who come to the clinic live outside of Edmonton, or work downtown, and even some folk who live 4-5 hours away and make the long commute because they trust this office. It’s a challenge to live up to this high expectation but a welcome challenge.

All the staff work hard together to provide care for the patients. It is really people oriented dentistry and people come first. Dr Croutze really wanted to find someone to provide quality care to his patients  and he feels he found that with Dr. Abouhassan.

I want to thank Dr. Abouhassan for taking the time to talk to me and to wish  Norwood Dental Associates another great 60 years of service to the community.


Eat`s On 118 2016 Businesses

Culinary Tours a Sweet and Savory Success

Eats on 118 a ‘sweet and savoury’ success on Edmontons Alberta Avenue

This past September the Alberta Avenue Business Association, in partnership with the City of Edmonton successfully launched their first food focused campaign for the hospitality businesses on 118th Avenue. There was an overwhelming response from the community with four sold out tours. 14 local businesses participated in the guided food tours with 34 patrons per tour and  135 tickets sold.

Attendees of the tours were pleasantly surprised with the high value in the tours with an affordable ticket cost and the unique opportunity to explore and celebrate many different cultures in one evening.

There was an overwhelming amount of positive media surrounding the first Eats on 118 tours. Local media personalities like Lorraine Mansbridge, Liane Faulder, Graham Hicks and bloggers were hosted in the kitchens of talented restaurateurs for a first-hand look at the life and culinary delights of 118th.

Eats on 118 was successful in telling the story of the business owner on the Avenue and allowing attendees to tour and taste the many diverse flavours of Alberta Avenue. Stay tuned for more Eats on 118 initiatives Spring 2017!

Find out more about the businesses at

The Evolution of Black History Month Celebrations in Edmonton

(The Evolution of Black History Month Celebrations in Edmonton was written and provided to the Alberta Avenue Business Association by Diversity Magazine)

BHM 5.jpg

On December 8, 2016, the Canadian Government announced that a woman of
African descent, clothed in dark bright silky skin, Viola Desmond, will be
the new face on the Canadian $10 bill from 2018. Canada Post developed a
special postage paid postcard featuring poet, author, journalist and
fearlessly determined activist, Carrie Best in 2011. These events all have
racial inclination – the actors are of African descent and invested all
they have on the line to fight for racial equality in Canada and are
celebrated every February during Black History Month.

Welcome to Black History Month 2017!
During Black History Month, Canadians in general and Edmontonians in
particular, take the time to celebrate the many achievements and
contributions of black Canadians who, throughout history, have done so
much to make Canada the culturally diverse, compassionate and prosperous
nation it is today.

Black History Month (BHM) Origin
BHM is an annual observance in the United States, Canada, and the United
Kingdom for remembrance of important people and events in the history of
the African diaspora. It is celebrated annually in the United States and
Canada in February, and the United Kingdom in October. In 1926, United
States historian, Carter G. Woodson, and the Association for the Study of
Negro Life and History, announced the second week of February to be "Negro
History Week." Over time, Negro History Week has evolved into BHM.

Carter G. Woodson was quoted in Negro History Week, "If a race has no
history, it has no worthwhile tradition, it becomes a negligible factor in
the thought of the world, and it stands in danger of being exterminated”.

Between 1840 and 1860, before the American Civil War, enslaved Africans
followed the North Star on the Underground Railroad to find freedom in
Canada. It was not an actual railroad but a secret network of routes and
safe houses that helped people escape slavery and reach Canada to be free.
In 1995, after a motion by politician Jean Augustine ofCanada's House of
Commons, officially recognized February as Black History Month and
honoured Black Canadians. In 2008, Senator Donald Oliver moved to have the
Senate officially recognize Black History Month, which was unanimously

Edmonton, Alberta
Overwhelmed with sub-zero temperatures, slippery icy roads and very busy
schedules, every year, Edmontonians are invited to participate in Black
History Month events that honor the legacy of black people, past and
present. From my time in Belgium and the UK, celebrations of black
achievement were close to non-existent. When I moved to Edmonton, it
became apparent that Black History Month makes sense and should be given
much attention.

The irresistible passion and the leadership of National Black Coalition
(NBCC) Edmonton Chapter trademarked by their colorful booklet, Gospel
Concerts, Celebration Brunch and Awards of Excellence, led the show. In
2017, BHM launch will take place on Saturday, from noon to 6 PM at West
Edmonton Mall. A host of supporters and volunteers of NBCC attracted me to
my very first Black History Month launch at Londonderry Mall, Edmonton, in
2011. There, I met the tireless and exciting organizer in chief (for 10
years now), Joy Thomas. I visited exhibition's tables, had lots of fun as
I listened to informative and educative presentations on the achievements
of people of African descent across the world as I joined hundreds of
people from all races to enjoy fantastic artistic performances from music
to poetry. 2013 and 2014 have seen NBCC launch BHM in West Edmonton Mall.

Since 2011, my Black History Month involvement in Edmonton has witnessed
the proliferation of activities through various events. "Black History
Month is not only a period of celebration; it is also a period of
remembrance to make sure it does not happen again", Nii Koney, a local
Edmonton Historian and founder of Nile Valley Foundation, an organization
that has worked tirelessly to get black history in schools and now has a
section in Edmonton Achieves Library. Each year, during BHM, Nile Valley
celebrates the triumph of the human spirit¬ themed to remember five
hundred years of trans-Atlantic slave trade and to say never again.

Afro Quiz usher the kids into the past. Organized by Council of Canadians
of African and Caribbean Heritage (CCACH), Afro Quiz is an annual quiz
competition that celebrates the rich history of people of African descent
across the globe. AfroQuiz Silver Fundraising Gala will take place on
Saturday, January 28, from 6 PM to 1 AM at La Cité Francophone in

Where there are young people, there is passion and energy! Africa Centre
Edmonton use to be active on the BHM agenda with A 2014 events that
brought out its YEG youth group into action with a focus on challenging
and redefining what is "black".

Arts bring life! Darren Jordan has been presenting the BHM artistic
dimension through the event, 5 Artists 1 Love, for the last 10 years. The
event showcases black visual artists. The visual arts component gives the
Artists the opportunity to have their work showcased and promoted on a
large scale, as well as highlighting the cultural diversity within the
community. The “Evolution” version of the show will take place on February
18, 2017, at MacLab Theatre in Edmonton.

Where there are women, there is energy! Black History Month would not go
well without bringing in women to spice it up. This is where The Congress
of Black Women of Canada, Edmonton Chapter comes in for several years now
before running out of steam. "The Congress has developed    a positive
working relationship with faith based group. To constantly re-examine its
objectives and purpose and adjust its efforts accordingly", Maureen Braun,
member of the Edmonton Chapter.

Within the last couple of years, African fashion has taken its place on
the BHM calendar, led by Giles Wouanko, with the next show scheduled for
February 24, 2017, at the Sutton Place Hotel in Edmonton.

Ahmed Abdulkadir and the Ogaden Somali Community of Alberta has flavoured
the BHM landscape with some intellectual dimension through their Annual
Social Justice Forum. 2017 edition will be held at Concordia University of
Edmonton on February 11-12, in Edmonton.

MLA David Shepherd representing Edmonton Centre has been sharing a
petition calling on the Alberta Government to create and pass legislation
establishing an annual African-Canadian Heritage Day. The petition will be
tabled in the Legislature at the start of 2017 Spring Session. “This is a
fantastic opportunity for all of our communities to come together to
celebrate the heritage, history and ongoing contributions of Albertans of
African descent, and it’s my hope that you’ll stand with me to make
it happen,” MLA David Shepherd shared at the Kenyan Independence Day event
on December 3, 2016.

Viola Desmond
Let me finish with this story of Viola Desmond to show how far Canada has
come in the racism and equality journey. She went to see a movie in a
segregated theatre; the floor seats were for whites only and people of
African descent were confined to the balcony. Ms. Desmond was shortsighted
and needed a better view, and tried to buy a floor seat, but was refused
because of her skin colour. She then bought a balcony seat (which was one
cent cheaper) but sat in the floor area until the theatre staff called the
police and had her dragged out. She spent 12 hours in jail and was charged
and convicted of tax evasion over a single penny. In 2010, Nova Scotia
gave her a free pardon and the Lieutenant Governor, also of African
descent signed it into law. On December 8, 2016, the federal government
announced that she’ll be the new face on the Canadian $10 bill in 2018.

Article from Diversity Magazine